Softly  they entwine us these faint memories of long ago...echos of  times gone by, and what a wonderful time it was, a  short History to date by world time, but this far flung  little  British Colony, New Zealand has a  fascinating and enchanting Historical record never the less......far too often old treasures are destroyed and lost to future generations forever......
I  have always been very interested in this countrys old memorabilia, History  etc.,and together with my brother Reg Blomfield, over the years  have taken the odd photo here and there,  cameras have been very modest indeed, hence the poor  quality of some of the older photos to today's standard...... so come for a nostalgic trip down memory lane ....
my memories are of coalranges, chooks & cows down on the farm in the old days,......our Father sharemilking in and around the Bay of Plenty, Whakatane, Te Puke, Awakeri, Edgecumbe...of making iceblocks in a cup on the tank stand in the freezing winter......walking or cycling to school on rough gravel roads, the bicylcle with built up pedals, and the  many bleeding scrapped knees..ouch!
    Above is a photo of an old settlers cottage slumbering in dreamtime...Taumaranui New Zealand 2010, my friend Diane & I travelled 400kms for this special photograph....enjoy...
Photographic memories of NZ's Bygone Pioneer Days...
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Thsi gorgeous sleepy old settlers cottage quietly settling and sliding into past... going going gone...Ashhurst NZ... lovely photo contributed by C.R.Blomfield Tokoroa.New Zealand 2010

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Grace Blomfield with 2CV, Sawmill Cafe,  TIRAU Nth Is., NEW  ZEALAND.photo J LobetTIRAU SETTLERS MUSEUM NZ
photo H.G. BlomfieldOld Matamata  Historic homestead. photo H.G. BlomfieldOld Pongakawa School house copyright CR Blomfield 2010A colonial homestead at  Matamata New Zealand
H G BlomfieldOld church at the Putaruru Timbermill Museum Putaruru Nth Island New Zealand.
H.G.BlomfieldOld Ford Waihi Nth Island New Zealand
H.G.BlomfieldOld Boys Home at Hodderville, old Taupo Rd.,, empty and derilect ......
c Reg BlomfieldOld  derilect Hodderville Home for boys who used to work on farms in the area, not a happy place for a lot in those old days.....broken windows and a general air of decay about the empty place now
Reg BlomfieldThe Whangamoana Hotel NZOur Grandmother and her sister..UKThe old Royal Hotel Grahamstown Thames 2010'
copyright H.G.BlomfieldRoyal Hotel Thames copyright C.R.Blomfield 2010copyright HGB 2010copyright HGB 2010Taumaranui area
copyright 2010 HGBOld Taumaranui bank
copyright 2010 HGBWaihi Arts Center, used to be a Church and and Auction House.
copyright H.G.B lomfield 2010Te  Aroha  copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Main Street Te Aroha
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Old Cornish Pumphouse Waihi in its new position
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Grahamstown Thames 
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Old Hotel Karangahake Gorge Waihi
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Grahamstown Thames 
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Grahamstown Thames, Old Prices building.
copyright  H.G.Blomfield 2010Beautiful olfd carriages, Grahamstown Thames 
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Old farm sheds-going going gone....
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Old Court House Putararuru
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Old bank building Lietchfield 
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010
The old nostalgic Karangahake Railway Station, WAIKINO NZ , now turned into an attractive tearooms, serving the train that runs from Waikino to Waihi Station, and the many tourists.that come to see the relics of the old Gold  mining days of the adjacent  area ..photo c. H.G.Blomfield
Below some of the past captured before it disappears into natures melting pot!   , I call myself a 'keeper of the past' lol you should see my house.....
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