This was an amazing old derelict farm house I spotted as my friend  Dianne & I drove  out of Taumaranui, so we stopped...as I took these photos a cheeky fantail flew into the house through  the open door, this place was surrounded by  a sea of hundreds of golden yellow  buttercups......some lovely farm sheds with ancient  tractor out the back.......H. G. Blomfield 2010
A colourful patchwork of time,  this  old garage/workshop Whakamaru New Zealand  copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010 ...

Here are some photos of old farm/town buildings etc.,,  spotted around the New Zealand countryside.... forgotten relics of a colonial past... rusty roofs, faded time worn timbers.. these were once homes etc., now they  quietly settle back  into the fabric of time.....enjoy going down memory lane......
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The rustic farm gates leading to RUBARB COTTAGE
copyright H. G. Blomfield 2010..
.2nd an old derilect farm villa plus the farm truck .TAIHAPE Nth Is NewZealand.
copyright C.R Blomfield 2010
The Old Farm house sitting in a sea of golden buttercups..beautiful! Taumaranui New Zealand.
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Farm Cottage Taihape  New Zealand.
copyright C.R.BlomfieldOld Settlers Cottage Taihape New Zealand
copyright C.R.Blomfield2010Cottage-
copyright H,G,.Blomfied 2010Old shed in a paddock Taumaranui area 
copyright H.G.BlomfieldAwapuni Race buildings Palmerston North
copyright Reg Blomfield 2010Cottage Ngakonui
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Farm shed Taumaranui
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010I was enchanting by this stand alone old shop on the road into Taumaranui, still standing proud with goods in the window-brilliant!
copyrigt H.G. Blomfield 2010Her empty eyes look out upon a changing world..memories of yesteryear, old homestead Taihape
copyright Reg Blomfield 2010A Tokoroa oldie
copyright H.G Blomfield 2011Tokoroa memories
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2011Taumaranui Railway tearooms
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Old farm shed Taumaranui
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Old Shed copyrigt H.G.Blomfield 2010Western Access -Accomadation sign
copyright hH.G.Blomfield 2010Taumaranui Railway Yards
 copyrightH.G.Blomfield 2010Enterprise building Taumaranui 
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Side view of  old brick building Taumaranui
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Old Bank now a Museum Tumranui
copyright H.G.Blomfield 2010Bank/Museum
copyright HGB 2010Old Shop Taumaranui
copyright HGB 2010Old Cottage, south of air field Taumaranui
copyright HGB 2010Old Sheds
copyright 2010 HGB
.copyright H.G.Blomfield .2011